Thursday, February 11, 2016

SOC according to my Dragon Speech Software

Were in normal mode so anyway this equals or typing a bunch of shit and we’ll see what happens and then after his uncle up into one website. So yeah mother website is by a stream of consciousness and the hot this they never sings any this shit right there will see what the hell happened and I might say were like all same. Okay like a citizen in some cases whatsoever so we’ll see what happens so today I had a bunch so that happens when the goer comforter for some of for upper yet I busily pockets 46 through 51, got a pass 50 anyone so I did that worked out for about 15 are coming online what I where we were to 15 is a 100 what the hell does things to talk about shoes you nobly was saying of the same. Sorry I did, how to do this model know. So basically I can be don’t know is happening that is interesting for me that I can I get my accent writes and is just slow as a mold file I have writers block okay for all of the P is not happy with it but both all the basically I do not REP I do not wait for him that that the on the Y. So I’m basically trying to work on my pet the two must sell and turn a little bunch of subfamilies on doing stream of consciousness right now and the stained as I get what I’m saying and it’s taken for our own know the hell is happening on the endurance and if something is all one big ass run on. So yeah real Theophilus plays out in the long run because the risk of alternative software to help me write my story and it sent to Intel complete and utter of Bolivia. Will fit she wants to talk about something else for a lose my mind about business had went to the Bolivia when the average thing that and went to the center right side always right side’s the X was work. Was smart. Okay the other things really bother me a new gobs word document for second and most do a might stop that I don't know on his jolly bat shit crazy the anyway.. See who help me to day that they might have bunch of ideas for bugs on some of donating about it yet somewhere walking the thought. They yeah there is that the okay what's the last time about why this all in charge of a business what the hell is in the old Lord on those happening yet on the things committal walls some really was happening and I might boo-boo what you doing okay to basically if I went out a photo of Microsoft Office as a dictation box and I didn't know that that this did that to SMEs is to do that in the how did this said Basson, is saying is that this resizable box 025 fulltext control of all drain capabilities reduce dictation and editing note settings but Alaska's motivations as such as keeping content in the clipboard was already the associate understand DMS what I'm saying is our as they were I will be doing some more stuff soon going to write it tried to release the writers block and see what happens when you say that anyway I'll talk to y'all later with the been daily rambles in this than a hotness podcast numbers about that and I will include the music from ouri that could leave

Saturday, October 3, 2015

What else is new?

Been having an insane year. I need some serious downtime soon. I have been making lists and accomplishing all of them, starting gaining traction on tumblr with 95 followers and growing, starting to form a gaming YouTube video channel, trying to get permission from the games I want to play (got permission from Nintendo), got 2 friends to help with channel commentary, working on 2 short stories/books, and working all of these crazy hours at work (48 to 56 hours a week). My creativity has been on point for the past few weeks.  I will be posting some new stuff soon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some Inspirational Stuff for work.

There are countless books and articles that have been written about success and many of them tell the reader about the key ingredients that are necessary to experience some level or measure of success. What often happens is that these sources are read and then no change occurs so the pursuit of new answers or strategies continues. What contributes to the problem is that everyone has a different definition of success and it is not a constant state that is achieved and then remains fixed.
In order for self-help information to work it has to be internalized. This requires taking abstract statements and turning them into concrete plans. Even affirmations become ineffective when they are stated without any sense of connection or meaning. But there is another alternative and it involves making daily statements that can develop a mindset leading to success based upon whatever qualities or elements you've established are necessary to experience a sense of accomplishment.
I Know No Limits
As an educator I've learned that most students are capable of doing anything that they decide they can or will do, and any limitations experienced are self-imposed as a result of doubt and negativity. When you decide that there are limitless opportunities to learn and grow you are more likely to try something new or different. You may also surprise yourself when you discover that you are still capable of doing even more. It also means that you are unmoved by comments from anyone that would try to deter or distract you. The goal is to build momentum and continually evolve.
I am Not Controlled by Fear
Fear is a matter of perception and it is either based upon past experiences or anticipated future results that are real or imagined. If you experience symptoms of fear don't try to dismiss it and instead, acknowledge and work with it. A helpful mindset is learning to consider that fear is simply an early warning system alerting you to possible mental roadblocks and the best strategy is to use it as a personal self-check. For example, if you have a planned presentation or speech and you feel a sense of fear, use it to help you prepare so that you are at ease in front of the audience. When you release feelings of fear you become more in control of your thoughts, emotions, and attitude.
I Make No Excuses
One of the ways in which your ability to find success can be hindered is by spending time worrying about others and their acceptance of your decisions or disposition. Many people believe that approval of some kind is necessary before they can pursue their dreams. But what you want to do with your life or your career should only matter to you. How others feel about your path to success cannot be controlled. What I have found is that people who really know you may not always agree with your definition of success or the choices you make to achieve it; however, they will likely understand it is your decision.
I Accept Full Responsibility
This involves changing your perception about the locus of control in your life. Many people develop a sense of learned helplessness over time when they state that they are unable to experience success because the right conditions are not in place. It typically begins with: If I had a better... and concludes with words such as job, career, or any other number of factors. When you decide that you are responsible for every aspect of your life and the outcomes that are both positive and negative, this is how you are able to make lasting changes and peace with the past so that you are able to move forward.
I Take Inspired Action
One of the most effective methods of taking action that leads to success is to act not because you need to or have to, but because you want to. It is not done out of obligation but instead it is done with your best interests in mind. Sometimes inspired action will be strategically planned and at other times it can be simply spontaneous. Of course this does not apply to every situation -- especially when the action involves required work responsibilities; however, this is about taking steps on the path to personal success.
I Live with Purpose
When you live with purpose you have established meaningful goals and you are inspired to dream about the future. It also establishes priorities in your life so that you are pursuing what matters or what is most important to you personally and professionally. This is one of the keys to successful self-development because you are not allowing time to pass by and your days to become filled with activities that distract you from what you want to accomplish. A sense of purpose will lead to a feeling of accomplishment and general well-being along the way.
I Create My Own Success
Initially this statement can feel very liberating, if you are ready to take full responsibility, or it can be intimidating if your locus of control is externally based. What this means is you act now instead of waiting in anticipation of what if may happen. A success mindset means that you are developing habits that support your goals and progress. It is a continuous or ongoing state of mind that can change as your definition of success changes. But it requires developing a belief in your capacity to learn and ability to change.
These seven statements are designed to produce a realistic path that will lead you to success in whatever manner you want to define it. If you need additional affirmations don't simply repeat feel-good statements. Instead, list your strengths because that's what you will build upon over time. These statements can be internalized if they are believed and it is likely you can develop this state of mind because you're reading this article and searching for something to connect with. What will make these statements stronger is the added emotion of self-determination. Believe in yourself and what you are capable of and you can make your dreams a reality. Success is possible for anyone and it only waits for you to develop the right mindset.
Source: Ezinearticles
Dr. Bruce Johnson has had a life-long love of learning and throughout his entire career he has been involved in many forms of adult education through his work as an educator, trainer, career coach, and mentor. Dr. Johnson has completed a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a PhD in Education, with a specialization in Postsecondary and Adult Education. Presently Dr. Johnson works as an online college professor, faculty developmental workshop facilitator, faculty mentor, faculty peer reviewer, and professional writer. His first eBook, Appreciative Andragogy: Taking the Distance Out of Distance Learning, is available for sale now in paperback, and also available for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo devices. Learn more by visiting

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sorry for not posting but I have a legit reason now.

I finally got a JOB!!!  It's  not the greatest job in the world but it's a job. i should be making more frequent post soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am so over

The stupid music when they put people on hold and it's always the same.  Can't they find something else different?  The music is just awful on all fronts.  Then you have the stupid advertisements that no one cares about.  If you can't tell right now I am on freaking hold.  Ugh.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Blah Blah Blah

I know it's Monday but whatever.  My subject today is my "best friend" .  This friend is REALLY starting to piss me off so freaking much.  This friend acts like a debbie downer trying to get all of these sympathy likes on Facebook.  An example of this is they got the wrong prescription and they are depressed over it and they feel like a failure.  I'm like it's not your fault idiot it's stupid pharmacy.  I just just don't understand why the hell you would be "depressed" over it.  That is THE dumbest reason ever.  Not to mention this person posts like 7 times a day and it's all over my news feed.  I finally had to block this person cause it's just like blah blah blah I'm depressed then happy blah blah blah. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014



I will be posting Friday.  Been busy with a lot of stuff and gif is super funny.